Della Robbia Pottery

The Della Robbia Pottery was a ceramic factory founded in 1894 in
Birkenhead, England.

The business was started by Harold Steward Rathbone and Conrad Gustave
d'Huc Dressler (1856-1940).

Rathbone, son of a wealthy local business man, Philip Rathbone, had
been a pupil of Ford Madox Brown, who was one of the founders of the
Arts and Crafts movement.

Dressler was a sculptor, potter and also inventor of the continuous firing
tunnel kiln.

The pottery was established as a true Arts & Crafts pottery on the lines
advocated by William Morris, using local labour and raw materials such as
local red clay from Moreton, Wirral.

The firm specialised in tiles, earthenware and, particularly, relief plaques
inspired by the work of Florentine sculptor Luca della Robbia.