A short note from Roy and Sue

To our dear friends of St. John’s Knotty Ash

Over these past seven and a half years since our ministry began here in Knotty Ash both Sue and I have been really blessed in the way we have been received by you all and by the way you welcomed us into the Church.

We have seen God at work in so many ways, in people’s lives; God brought you out of debt; wonderful the links with Knotty Ash School; the development of the church building; the provision of a bore hole and equipment for the hospital in Chimama in Malawi; new families coming to faith; links with the community through the use of the hall; the community fayre………………. and we could go on.

None of these things could really have happened without the Grace of God and the enthusiasm and commitment of so many of you. It would be wrong for us to mention people by name, to risk missing someone out and then them being hurt so we won’t do that, but you do know who you all are.

Thank you so much.

It is time for us to retire and for someone to come and pick up the baton and run the next stage with you all. So please remember one thing, whoever follows us, please give them the same support you have given to us.

DO NOT SAY, “Roy would never do it that way,” because whoever comes should bring with them some new Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we haven’t got and they will be sufficient to take you onto the next stage of your journey.

God has not finished with any of you yet and He (God) is wanting to do new things with you which is very exciting.

Love in Jesus,

Roy and Sue