Heritage Weekend - September 2019

St John’s Church will be open for heritage weekend on:

Friday 20th (1:30 pm - 3:00 pm) - Saturday 21st (10:00 am - 4:00 pm) - Sunday 22nd (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

Highlights for the weekend will include:


Crypt tours

Take a guided tour around the crypt.

See where some notable people from the parish are laid to rest including Adam Dugdale and his wife (one of the founders of St Johns) and Marcus Bland, whose coffin measures around 8 foot 6 ins and is reputed to be buried in full Crimean War army uniform.

 One coffin still has a dried out wreath on top. 

Are you brave enough to descend into the crypt?

(Please note: access is via steep steps and narrow passageways only which may be unsuitable for people with mobility issues)

The Condliff Clock

The clock situated in the church tower is an excellent and very important example of James Condliff of Liverpool and is dated 1836. 

Thanks to a generous gift the clock has now been fully restored, re-sited and will be available to view -including the inner workings.

The clock consists of a double-framed hour striking clock movement driving three stone dials with glazed centres. The clock movement is fitted with a lateral toothed deadbeat escarpment and a very unique and clever rack controlled hour strike. Condliff who always used countwheel control was experimenting with rack striking, and combined some of the elements of countwheel controlled striking with rack controlled striking. 

This is the only example of this design of hour striking fitted not only to a Condliff turret clock, but also to any turret clock in the country. 

(Please note: access is via steep narrow stairs only which may be unsuitable for people with mobility issues)

The refurbished clock face

The refurbished clock face


War GRaves

Our grave yard contains many graves commemorating those who fell serving their country in our Armed Forces.

There are nine service men buried at St John's - the rest lie buried in military cemeteries or commemorated on numerous memorials.

Clicking HERE will show a full list of these graves and allow you to see their location in the grave yard and also, where possible, the service details held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

(Please note: access to the graves is over sloping and uneven grassed areas only which may be unsuitable for people with mobility issues)


and not to forget….

  • The plans for the Church Hall

  • The Della Robbia plaques

  • The Burne-Jones window

  • The Titanic grave

  • And much more including a variety of hot & cold refreshments and crafts

Take a look at the image on the left - if you can guess where in the church it was taken you can win yourself a small prize.

Where is this?

Where is this?