Project 175 - Explained

The existing church hall has worked hard for many years - 180 to be precise.

It started life in 1837 as the community school for the poor of the area. It continued its use as a community school till the 1950’s and has since then continued to serve the community through the management of the church. It is has been, and is used, by a number of community groups but is now failing in terms of building structure, access for all, aesthetic appearance, economic sustainability and current H&S expectations. Without development the facility will not be sustainable for much longer.

Project 175 offers the opportunity to bring the facility up to date, increasing its capacity to support and bring together those in need. By repairing and developing this facility we are enabling its ability to serve the parish community and beyond, for many more years to come. It will also help to preserve the heritage this hall offers the area and its context to the grade 1 listed church of St Johns Knotty Ash.

The cost of renovations and development is projected to be £440,000 and is programmed for re-launch in 2013. We have achieved equivalent of £10,000 to date. We now have full planning permission and conservation area consent.

We would welcome, most gratefully, any donation you can make to help us achieve our aims in helping the community. If you can help. please contact:

Reverend Julia Jesson - (t) 0151 259 8929    (e) Reverend Julia Jesson