Thought for the Month - November

November….. a time to
Look back with gratitude
Look up with trust and
Look forward with hope.

As autumn is now very much upon us as the leaves turn golden and fall, so our minds turn to remembrance.

All Saint’s day followed by Remembrance Sunday provides opportunity for quiet reflection and acts of Remembrance.

At our recent Memorial service we lit candles to remember our loved ones so now at this time of year many hospices have their annual remembrance events recognising the need to reflect, remember and use ritual to promote hope and healing.

November will give way to December as we celebrate and remember again that greatest gift for our hope and healing

Emmanuel God with us. 


A Blessing for Remembrance

God be your comfort, your strength;
God be your hope and support;
God be your light and your way;
And the blessing of God,
Creator, Redeemer and Giver of Life,
Remain with you now and for ever.


Rev. Julia