Thought for the Month - December


Season’s greetings to you all !!!

I am writing this having just written myself a ‘to do’ list and I am trying not to panic but embrace,
delight and keep foremost in my mind ‘for unto us a child is born’!

This year is a first for me as I celebrate Christmas with you and have a family just around the corner!

Each year churches in every community celebrate the age old story of God’s plan for our salvation.
It is always a challenge to put aside the pressures of the ‘to do’ list, pause and give thanks to God for
his most wonderful gift to us.


As I enjoy this festive season here I hope and pray that you will come and join in on the many opportunities for celebration within St. John’s. whether that be our Christingle Service, the carol service, crib service or late night Christmas Eve service. Don’t let this Christmas pass you by without pausing and saying thank you to God for the greatest gift of the baby born to be king.

So, as I make a start on that list I pray that whatever your circumstances in life, you might know the
peace and love of Emmanuel, God with us.

Lord, by your presence, light up the past that we might learn from it with thankfulness.
Light up the present that we might live in it with love.
Light up the future that we might prepare for it in hope.
As we watch and wait and pray, may we be always ready to encounter the Lord who is already and
always with us.


With best wishes,