Thought for the Month - April


Easter! - A day that dawns like no other!

The joy of the resurrection of Jesus brought to his followers is also alive with us today.

It is a joy that will never end. It is a joy that goes beyond the human emotion and upholds when life is difficult and full of human sadness.

Our community had the privilege of saying farewell to a much loved Liverpudlian in Ken Dodd. Many of us were privileged to attend the funeral and one emotion, one word shone through his life and that was happiness.

He sang - ‘I thank the Lord that I’ve been blessed with more than my share of happiness’

As we celebrate the resurrection it is in that conquering of death that we are assured of happiness always in eternal life.

If we let the light of the risen Christ into our lives it will bring with it an inner peace and happiness as we experience the mercy of God in the ordinary thing so life.


As a church we are now looking forward to seeing how we can bring that light and joy into our community and move forward in our discipleship.

Our next special service is on 15th April at 3pm when we welcome the Bishop of Warrington, Richard, to confirm 4 members of our congregation.

Our next Memorial service is on the first Sunday in May at 3pm  to light candles and remember our loved ones. It is a quiet service and open to anyone whether the funeral was in church or at the crematoria, whether it was in Liverpool or the otherside of the country.

Café church is the 5th Sunday in April. It's a service with a difference where we will be thinking about our journey of faith and using dvd, a rap artist and creative activities to think about our lives and where we’re headed.


With best wishes,