North Door

North Door

This window was the gift of Colonel Sir Clements Royds and Lady Royds (nee Littledale),
in memory of the parents of Lady Royds, who lived at Highfield. Her three brothers and
three sisters added a tablet beneath it in memory of their parents and grand-parents who
worshipped in the pew entered through the doorway beneath this window. 

Their grandfather, Mr. Thomas Littledale, was one of the founders of Knotty Ash Church,
which led to the selection for the design of this window. The central light shows the figure
of Our Lord as the "Temple". He is pointing to the marks of the nails in His hands as He
proves to St. Thomas that the utterance of His early ministry had been fulfilled by His
Passion and Resurrection.

Inscribed are these words: "Destroy this Temple and in three days I will raise it up".

On the right is St. Thomas, who, as is usual in ecclesiastical art, is represented with a
builder's square.

The inscription reads: "My Lord and my God".

On the left is the figure of the prophet Haggai who encouraged the exiles who had returned
from Babylon, by a promise that the glory of the new temple they were struggling to build
and despaired of completing, would exceed the glory of Solomon's stately fame.

The following is the inscription: "Build the House and I will take pleasure in it". (Haggai I. 8.)